sunnuntai 20. syyskuuta 2015

6 Skavenslaves painted

For a blog where one big portion of content is themed Ruins and Ratmen, there has been a dearth of the latter in presentation. A big reason for this is simply that most of my Skaven figures predate this blog - well, some of them predate the Internet - although, to be honest, some of them are in a state that would need a good cleanup to be presentable. However, there were several Skaven figures on my to do -list, late arrivals and eBay finds that I just haven't gotten around to paint, and after I had finished with the Vampire spawn, I decided to give these guys a go.

If memory serves, these hail from the 6th edition of WFB. They are a little bit smaller than the bulk of my Skaven, which mostly consists of the WFB 3rd edition era Jes Goodwin figures, but don't stand out too badly and in fact help to break up the monotony of the figures. I intended to use them with WFRP, and now they are going to fill up the Trooper slots in Ruins and Ratmen.

For me, these were a quick job, finishing six figures in just a couple of evenings. Well, there was nothing fancy in the colour scheme, and they were quite small figures so I might have overlooked some tiny details. But I have to say that painting six similar figures on one go is kind if maximum for me, which does not bode well for the 9 Red Box Lesser Undead (zombies) next on the queue. Although they will have even simpler colour scheme...