lauantai 26. syyskuuta 2015

A couple of 28mm scale barricades

Having managed to increase the 'ratmen' portion of the Ruins & Ratmen -project, I was inspired to make some advancement on the first part of the name also. From the very beginning of this project, I had wanted to make some barricade-style terrain, but somehow never managed to actually make any. But after the skaven, I felt that it was time to tackle this obstacle as well. So, I cut some fibreboard to 1"x3" pieces, filed the edges round, and dived in to my parts pile to dig up some stuff to use. At first, I envisioned the the barricades to be built mainly from stones and wooden beams from the collapsed buildings, but after a while I began to want some more hastily constructed ones. It required some scratchbuilding, but soon I had a table and a couple of benches made, and the first barricade was practically done. The metal barrels and cartwheels gave the pieces some weight, in addition to adding some more interesting shapes overall, and the HirstArts small bricks and ruined fieldstone pieces anchor these terrain elements visually to the rest of the City in Ruins -style.

After the first one was done, the rest kind of just happened. The hardest part was to find a suitable figure for the dragged-down statue; I would have liked to make it with a 40mm - 1/32 scale figure, but could not find any suitable one, and in the end decided to use some old 25mm Grenadier figure. I still kind of want to do a similar set-up with a bigger figure, but I think It will be a singular terrain piece at that point.
Next step is to spray on some black basecoat, and then it's painty time!